TRINITY (Triptych)

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 TRINITY (triptych), Oil on linen, 200 x 800 cm as series


This work is inspired of 'Trinity' by Andrey Rublev. Three components of human nature - three paintings in the triptych: Light Angel - Playful, Dark Angel - Doleful and Radiant Angel - Victorious. There are always two sides of human nature in any person – the dark and light sides. But there is also a Pure Spirit in all of us that is able to cope with any of the circumstances in our lives caused by the dark/sorrowful or light/frivolous sides, to overcome them all and become inspired, creative and free. ARINA

TRINITY: Dark Angel - Doleful, Oil on linen, 165 x 190 cm

TRINITY: Radiant Angel - Victorious, Oil on linen, 170 x 195 cm

TRINITY: Light Angel - Playful, Oil on linen, 165/190 cm

TRINITY: Dark Angel - Doleful (detail)

TRINITY: Radiant Angel - Victorious (detail)

TRINITY: Light Angel - Playful (detail)

All images Copyright © ARINA (Arina Gordienko) All rights reserved

Photographs of paintings by Alexey Moskvinand Anton Sokolov

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