EXHIBITIONS (selected)

SAATCHI Gallery, London, Art of Giving International Exhibition, 2010
'Silence, Opus' by ARINA, Oil on linen, 110 x 145 cm

Museum of Modern Art Vittoria Colonna, Biennale PESCAART, with Gall'Art Roma Gallery, Italy, 2016

Mall Galleries - London, UK. Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition, 2016     
Also - 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008. Private Views Opened by SWA Patron Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent

ARTE Genova, with Gall'Art Roma Gallery- Genova, Italy, 2015, 2016
Phantastishe Venus Biennial - Viechtag, Germany, 2015                                              
Museum Complex of Dioscuri, with Gall'Art Roma Gallery - Rome, Italy, 2015
'ITINERA' Exhibition of Contemporary Art                                         
Arte Padova, with Gall'Art Roma Gallery - Padova, Italy, 2015                                                    
BEEP Painting Prize Biennial, Elysium Gallery - Swansea, Wales, UK, 2014                                          
Master of Art International Painting Prize. Margarita Feaks Gallery - UK, 2014                 
Gold Award Winner of Master of Art 2013 - Participated as Invited Guest
Art Gemini Prize Finalists Exhibition, Rebecca Cossack Gallery - London, UK, 2014                                     
Mortimore Art Prize Finalists, The Very Best in Realism - Australia, 2013 - 2014             
Sidney, Brisbane, Canberra, Dubbo etc.- touring around Australia
SOLO-Exhibition  ‘ARINA-The Theatre Of One Artist’ - London, UK, 2013                       
20th Century Theatre – Hotting Hill
Master of Art International, The Art Pavilion Gallery - London, UK, 2013                          
Gallery of Art Critics (Adria Palace) - Prague, 2013
World Gallery of Drawing Awarded Artists Exhibition                                 
Museum Sant’Oreste, with Gall'Art Roma - Rome, Italy, 2013
International Exhibition of Contemporary Art                                      
The Peace Project International, touring  around  USA, 2013                                          
Venues include Affair of the Arts,The Whole 9 Gallery, Culver City, California;
Art Zone 461 in San Francisco, California; 29 Pieces in Dallas, Texas;
Open House and Landmark Arts Building in Chelsea, New York
Gallery Métanoïa - Paris, France, 'A Single Grain of Rice', 2013                                     

Manhattan Arts International - New York, USA, ‘Art That Lifts Our Spirits’, 2013             
ARTicle Gallery - Birmingham, UK, 'The Femail Pproject',  2013                                       
Gall’Art Roma Gallery - Rome, Italy, 'Stars With Stars', 2013                                               
Off the Wall Gallery - Wales, UK, 'Touch of Women', 2013                                              
Coningsby Gallery - London, UK, After the Monet', 2013                                                 
Mall Galleries - London, UK, 'Show me the Monet’, BBC2 series, 2012                           
Museum of Fantastic Art - Vienna, Austria, 'Uncommon Vision', 2012                             
Elysium Gallery, Volcano Theatre - Wales, UK, 2012 
BEEP International Painting Prize Biennial                                       

40 Gallery and Museum of Drawing - Skopje, Macedonia, 2012                     
OSTEN Drawing Award Biennial 
SOHO20 Gallery - New York, USA, 'Backlash' Exhibition on Women's Rights, 2012                            
Gallery Vista - Rome, Italy, 'RinfrescARTE',2012                                                           
Pen and Brush Gallery - New York, USA, 'Is it Fine Art? Challenging Traditions', 2011                       
The Passion for Freedom Art Festival - London, UK, 2011                                             
Galleria Espositiva Ex Roma Club Monti - Rome, Italy, 2011
'Colorissimamente' International Art Exhibition                                   

Pen and Brush Gallery - New York, USA, Award Winners Artists Showcase, 2011           
Marseille Project Gallery - Marseille, France, Artist’s Portrait, 2011                                 
SAATCHI GALLERY - London, UK, 'Art of Giving'  2010                                                With Sir Piter Blake, Banksy, Gavin Turk, Mark Wallinger, Terry O’Neill,
Steve Goddard, Leonardo Drew, Christian Furr, Alexa Meade, Zak Ove
Participated stars - Derren Brown, Anthony Quinn, Vic Reeves, Noel Filding.
Among VIP guests appeared Julian Lennon. Lord Jeffrey Archer was hosting Live Auction.
Mayfair Gallery, Legende Celebrity Art with Art of Giving - London, UK, 2010                  With world famous artists and photographers Terry O’Neill, Gerard Mankowitz, Danny Clifford, Allan Warren, Gavin Turk etc.

Arte Laguna Art Prize, Venice Arsenale - Venice, Italy, 2010                                          
Marseille Project Gallery - Marseille, France, Futureproof-2010, 2010                              
B.J.Spoke Gallery – New York, USA, EXPO-2010                                                
Juried by Cornelia Seckel, publisher The Art Times
Cork Street Gallery 'Open Art Competition' – London, UK, 2008, 2009, 2010
Juried by Edward Lucy-Smith
Mall Galleries - London, UK, 'Art Liberating Lives', 2008, 2009, 2010
Marziart International Gallery - Hamburg, Germany, 'Best of 2010'
Occidental Dimension - Brighton, UK, 2010
The first of a touring show to be staged in 3 cities across China
The National Open Art Competition – UK, 2008, 2010

Pen and Brush Gallery - New York, USA, 'Fall Brush Exhibition', 2009
Curated by Margaret Kelly Trombly, President of the Forbes Collection

Praxis Art International Gallery -  Miami, USA, 2009
MFA Now Award Winner’s Exhibition. Juried by the international panel of judges,
including Kay Saatchi, Edward Lucie-Smith and Judy Chicago

The RBSA Gallery - Birmingham, UK, Open Portrait Award Biennial, 2009                                              
The Art Club, Dover Street - London, UK, 2008
Exhibition of Prize Winners, National Open Art Competition
Marseille Project Gallery - Marseille, France, 'Housewarming', 2008
Brenda Landon Pye Portrait Prize, Red Room Gallery - London, UK, 2008

MA Fine Art Final Degree Show – London, UK, 2008
Chelsea College of Art and Design

MA Fine Art Chelsea Interim Show - London, UK, 2008
'Nearly Me, Nearly Now, Nearly Show'
The Arts Gallery, Davies Street - London, UK, XHIBIT-07, 2007
The 36 finalists works were selected by Tom Hunter
Lethaby Gallery – London, UK, 'LANDMARKS', 2006
Central Saint Martins College of Art                            

Variety of exhibitions in Russia, 1985-1993
Including Regional Exhibitions at the State Art Museum of Zauralie, Russia

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